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Welcome to MyList Manager

Email Marketing is the most effective online marketing tool you can use, as a small and medium sized business owner you can not only compete, but surpass big business!

MyList Manager is an all inclusive email marketing package which allows you to manage your contact lists, create, personalize, send targeted emails and track and analyze the results - so you can reach people faster, more regularly and effectively. All this at a very low cost.

Don't lose any more sales due to lack of follow-ups or through non-communication with your customers!
  • You CAN compete!
  • You CAN change your strategies quicker and more efficiently with targeted email campaigns
  • You CAN communicate with your customers faster and more personally
  • You ARE better equipped to introduce new products/information to your customers than ever before!
MyList Manager Features
  • URL tracking & Click through Stats
  • Single login for all email newsletters
  • Targeted Email Lists
  • Single Click send
  • AutoResponder Linking
  • Double Opt In / Double Opt Out
  • No email duplication
Why Use MyList Manager
  • Building your email list is easy.
  • Sending regular email newsletters and offers to subscribers is as simple as 1, 2 ,3.
  • Follow up with customers, let them know that you exist long after you send them the first quotation.
  • Convert website visitors to subscribers & subscribers to paying customers.
  • Measure how effective your email campaigns are.
  • Bulk SMS marketing has never been so easy. Instantly correspond with your customers using mobile marketing.
  • Manage your customers personal information and use it to your advantage.
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